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I have been a technology trainer/presenter for four years and I offer a variety of workshops and hands-on trainings in educational technology.  I specialize in iPad integration, 1:1 iPad classrooms and one iPad classrooms, BYOD settings, Gamification, as well as HTML 5 applications for Device Agnostic teaching environments.

Being a current classroom teacher gives me a unique advantage: I am not just a presenter/trainer/ technology consultant, but also an active practitioner of the strategies and tools I am advocating for.  More to the point, using technology has impacted the learning that takes place in my classroom in amazing ways.  I have consistently had the highest scores in Pinellas County for last 3 years on the state’s fourth grade High Stakes Test (FCAT).  This past year I have had the highest scores in the state of Florida on the fourth grade math FCAT test, as 100% of my students scored at, or above the mastery level on the FCAT.

Contact me at or complete the Workshop Request Form below if you think I can help you, or your school, to implement technology successfully in the classroom.  Please include some basic information about your class, your school, and what are the goals you want to achieve.

Thank you for your consideration. 

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