Monday, November 10, 2014

How to Use App Smashing on the iPad to Create an iBook Example

Thank you to all of you who contacted me after you read my last post on Daily Genius on app smashing.  Many of you have asked for a specific example.  Here is the step-by-step process of seven app smashing examples . You do not have to use ALL of the steps, as you can pick and choose depending on what you want to accomplish.

a)    Tellagami – Tellagami – Camera – iMovie – Camera
Create multiple Tellagamies and save them in Camera.  Open iMovie and import all the Tellagamies.  Trim videos to remove the Tellagami logo. Add pictures, background music, transition effects.  Save final product in the Camera app.
b)    Safari (for pictures) – Camera (for video)-Tellagami – VideoMix
Using safari, do a modified Google search for copyrighted images that are labeled for reuse. Save an image on Camera.  Open Tellagami, use the pictures as a background.  Create Tellagami videos and/or videos using the Camera App.  Save every video on Camera.  Open VideoMix and import the pictures and videos you want.  Create your VideoMix and save in Camera. Make sure you check the “play sequentially” box so that the videos will not run simultaneously.
c)     Keynote – GarageBand
Open Keynote and create 2 slides.  Set the animation and transitions on “after previous”.  Start GarageBand, tap on Songwriter. Tap on “Apple Loops” on the upper right corner and choose your beat.  Export your beat by tapping on “share” then “export your song to disk”.  Go back to Keynote, and import the beat.  Then tap on “File”, “export to” and then Quick Time.  Save the file as a video.
d)    Haiku Deck – Mail – Movenote – Camera
Open Haiku Deck and create a 3-4 slide show.  Save it as PDF and email it to yourself.  Go to Mail, open your email, tap on the PDF, then tap on “open in”, and then Movenote.  Use your slides to create your video. Save the video in Camera.
e)     Camera and/or Tellagami (for video)- Animoto – Mail
Using Camera and/or Tellagami, create multiple 4-5 seconds videos.  Bring the videos in Animoto.  Import text slides in your project and combine them with the videos to emphasize the main points in your videos.  Enrich your Animoto with pictures.  Save your Animoto and email it to your teacher.
f)     Notes – WordSalad – Camera – Tellagami – Camera- ThinkLink
Using Notes make a list of words about your planet/star.  Separate the words by commas.  Copy the list of words and paste them in WordSalad.  Change the appearance, color, and style. Save several word clouds in Camera.  Open Tellagami and use one of the word clouds for a background.  Record and save your Tellagami in Camera.  Create a ThinkLink, use a word cloud as a background and bring in all the videos.  Share a link to your ThinkLink with your teacher.
g)    Notes (for text) – Safari (for pictures) – WordSalad - VideoScribe – Camera Type your text in Notes.

 Use WordSalad and the method described above. Save pictures in Camera. Using safari, do a modified Google search for copyrighted images that are labeled for reuse. Save the images on Camera. Start VideoScribe and import pictures, texts, and word Clouds.  Create your video and save it on Camera.

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