Monday, August 4, 2014

Google Drive Tutorial

Cloud storage services have been taking the web by storm.  All the major players in the technology field seem to be looking for a piece of the pie, and that’s a great thing for users, especially teachers.  Dropbox, Sky Drive, iCloud, Box, and Google Drive, to name a few, offer free online secure storage, and each one has its own advantages and incentives.  
Google Drive might look particularly attractive to educators, especially educators in schools that have adopted “Google Apps For Education”.  Google Drive’s unique advantage is that it is much more than a cloud storage service.  Google Drive’s uniqueness comes from the fact that it works seamlessly with a number of Google products, tools, and services, all of which are available for free.  Essentially, your Google Drive offers you access to word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, an email service that is arguably the most efficient in the world, a powerful web bowser, and a number of other social networking services and products. 
If you are shopping for a cloud storage service to use next year in your classroom, here is a short tutorial on Google Drive to get you started.

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