Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Digital Storytelling RSA Style

Image: whiteboard-animation-videos.com 
RSA Style Animation, sometimes called Whiteboard Animation, is quite intriguing and fascinating.  RSA production was once laborious and time consuming, (for old school RSA producers it still is), but the latest developments in software make RSA style videos an area of intense interest for teachers and students.
My latest Edudemic article on Digital Storytelling workflow generated a lot of interest, on Twitter as well as on our Plato Academy campuses, from teachers who are very interested in using digital storytelling in their classroom this school year.  Many of you were asking specific questions about the steps I took to create the different projects.  So, I have decided to put together an RSA style short animation video with workflow examples of digital storytelling on the iPad.  
I hope you will find it interesting.


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