Sunday, July 20, 2014

Symbaloo: A Great EdTech Tool to Organize Your Digital Life!

One of the problems that connected educators face today is classifying and categorizing the large number of digital tools and curriculum resources they utilize in their classrooms.  Symbaloo is a great tool that helps teachers organize their resources in a visual way, so that they can access everything instantly and without hassle.  It is a type of visual bookmarking system that allows users to organize a great number of resources on one page. 

Symbaloo for Teachers
One of the main advantages of Symbaloo boards is their ability to be shared with other educators.  For instance, teachers can share a Symbaloo board with their colleagues, and collaborate with each other sharing the same curriculum resources and utilizing the same tools.  In addition, for those of us who use more than one type of device to access information, Symbaloo works seamlessly between devices.  You can access a Symbaloo account from multiple devices, regardless of the device’s type, operating system, or interface.

Symbaloo for Students
Aside from being an amazing tool for teachers, Symbaloo can be a tool for students too.  Students can use Symbaloo to create a platform that has everything they need in order to be successful.  Symbaloo can be utilized across the grades, from Kindergarten all the way through high school.  It can be used for something as simple as gathering all the students’ websites on one page, to something more advanced such as working collaboratively on a research project and compiling a list of all the resources for a project for effortless and quick access.  The level of systematization that Symbaloo provides allows the students to take control of their own learning and become more productive.

You can check out Symbaloo by clicking here.

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